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What Goes Through the Mind of a 26 Year Old Woman?

I composed this blog post in my head while I sat in traffic, contemplating my life. The radio was tuned into 1FM, it’s the only radio station that has a clear reception, since I am still using the Japanese frequencies … Continue reading

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The Things My Son Loves

Before I had my baby, I hadn’t had a chance to closely observe and interact with babies.. and the things they do. It’s such fun watching the little one. There are many things he loves doing that you will observe … Continue reading

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What’s a Year in a Mother’s Life?

Somehow I have been unable to regale my readers with my tales of motherhood. Motherhood is not just something you can easily put into words, it’s not a just a feeling or a journey or an experience; it’s all that … Continue reading

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Pregnancy This is certainly the easiest part of the motherhood journey. Being pregnant is a glorious, life changing experience, although some women would differ with the ‘glorious’ part. If ever I have to choose my gender during my reincarnation, I … Continue reading

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Did You Scream?

Warning: this is likely to be a (very) personal post. One of the questions on the tip of everyone’s tongue (or edge of the keyboard in this case) after they say congratulations, is how the labour experience was. Labour is … Continue reading

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