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There Comes a Time

Okay, so I stole the line above from the late Professor George Saitoti (RIP). But read on. But first, go to, create an account/ sign in, and vote for Savvy Kenya on the left hand side column for “Female … Continue reading

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The Kenya Premier League Season of 2012

I followed the Kenya Premier League- now Tusker Premier League- keenly this year. This was mostly because my team, AFC Leopards, was poised to win this year’s title from day one. Although our opening match of the season was a … Continue reading

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Technology advances and becomes even more embedded in the Paralympic Games

London has been at the centre of the world for a while now, as during the 2012 Olympic Games. Once the Olympics finished, the Paralympic athletes stepped up to the limelight to compete for their countries. This year, technology is … Continue reading

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AFC Leopards Branded Jackets

If you watch news or read the Daily Nation newspaper, or are a football fan, or you are on social networks like facebook and twitter, then you have heard of the launch of the ‘Toklezea na Jalee‘(!!!) promotion where Daily … Continue reading

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Quick Hits: Here and There

First of all, I want to apologize for not having blogged for the past two weeks. These two weeks have just been a blur, had to do exams, settle down at a new job (get your deals at and … Continue reading

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A Spotlight on the Ingwelets

Ingwelets are not just female supporters of the best team in Kenya (AFC Leopards), perhaps the best team in Africa and all of the world. No, they are more than female: they have passion for the team, they go to … Continue reading

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AFC Leopards Fans Fiesta

This past Sunday, AFC Leopards fans from all branches countrywide, supporters (the CLAWS Trust), officials and players, as well as random spectators and ice cream vendors were gathered at the Railways Club in Nairobi for a fun day for the … Continue reading

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Kenya V Malawi: A Most Boring 0-0 Draw

I saw a joke in the Sunday Nation paper: Eric: How did it feel losing the football match? Erica: That’s the worst fun I’ve ever had at a football game. Any football match is fun to be at: the atmosphere … Continue reading

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KenyanStar, For All Your Sports News

I’ve been keenly following the website for sports news in Kenya. If you ever tried reading sports in the main newspapers, The Standard, Nation and the like, you get a few sketchy pages of local news and splashes of … Continue reading

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AFC Leopards, Champions For Life

AFC Leopards Vs Tusker FC: Heartbreak in Mombasa Last weekend (the one before the most recent one), I was on the road to Mombasa, imagining how AFC Leopards was going to extend the unbeaten run to 24 matches after beating … Continue reading

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