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Finding My Mother

Scene 1: German Cofffee Shop, This Sunday Morning I am seated at the Germany Coffee Shop near Korinbo 109 in downtown Kanazawa, having a cup of coffee, a hamburger and another piece of bread whose name I know not (it … Continue reading

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Over the winter holiday, I went to Tokyo to see the New York of Japan (for some reason I kept calling it New York). One thing for me defines Tokyo. It is not the skyscrapers,  not crowds of people with … Continue reading

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The Ishikawa Zoo

(There are times as a blogger (writer) when you will be sitting at your computer, fingers poised over the keys, cursor blinking, and a hot cup of coffee/tea or cold beer/wine just within reach, but the words just won’t come. … Continue reading

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2014 Highlights

Happy New Year 2015 to all my blog readers, thank you so much for reading and a special one to those who comment from time to time. A blog is nothing without its readers, thank you! I have a lot … Continue reading

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Okonomiyaki – My Favorite Japanese Dish

Every time I do a post on Japan, I will find a way to talk about food! Yep, I love food. The eating part, the cooking not so much. I have tried many Japanese dishes, although I am yet to … Continue reading

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The Noto Peninsula Trip

This post is long overdue! I know Japan is a series of islands, but I only got to see the sea the Saturday before last. After landing in Osaka, I took the train to Kanazawa, my current city, and since … Continue reading

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The Holidays are Here… and January Bills Will Be Here Soon Too!

December, the Christmas month, is finally here with us. I always look forward to December, being the holiday month that is. Signifying the end of what is sometimes a long year, sometimes a good year (which would feel short). This … Continue reading

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The Kaga Tour

Japan is very welcoming to foreign students. Well, I have never been a foreign student elsewhere, but I am sure in Kenya, we don’t give free passes to our National Parks and Heritage Sites to the foreign students there (or … Continue reading

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My Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience

At the international house where I stay, they often organize various activities such as Japanese dancing , flower arrangement,  Kanji calligraphy and Tea Ceremonies. They are always on Friday evenings and it is the day we eat out with friends, … Continue reading

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It’s been almost two weeks since I blogged and I have no excuse! Not that there is nothing to write about, on the contrary there have been some awesome recent experiences but these days I filter what  I tell the … Continue reading

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