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Culture Shock #100: Japanese Men and Their Wallets, Manbags

I am going to be doing some posts about my experience as a Kenyan in Japan. I’ll count down from 100 but in no particular order. Of course I expected Japan to be different, so when people asked me if … Continue reading

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I Was Hacked and Other October Stories

In many ways, October was a trying month for me. To begin with, there was the drama with Jeremy’s ticket, which I have already blogged about. The journey to Japan was long and tiring. We first flew from Nairobi to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Without Mercy by Lisa Jackson

I am one of those people who does whatever it takes to finish a book one has started. That is not to say I struggled with this book, I didn’t. The author clearly is a master at writing a flowing … Continue reading

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How is Japan?

I have been asked this question about 100 times; and the brief answer is Japan is good. But that is a lie, Japan is not good. Japan is excellent. Japan is great. Japan is amazing. It is very different from … Continue reading

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Hellooo.. 27! Taking Stock

It is my 27th Birthday, if Facebook, Skype or some other app has not informed you already. I like the sound of 27, it is far enough from 30 for me to causally say I am in my 20s (I … Continue reading

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Getting a Japanese Driving License

My friend Umer, who is Pakistani, was pessimistic. “Why don’t you just wait until I get a car and then you can practice at night when there is no one on the roads? You are going to fail. Everybody fails, let … Continue reading

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Waiting for Sakura

For a short time in Japan during Spring, the cherry blossoms bloom and the streets are bathed in pink flowers. Sakura, it is called. Japan can be incredibly picturesque and now the trees are on the verge of flowering, so … Continue reading

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