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Want to do a PhD? Here’s my Advice.

Several years ago, after graduating with a bachelor’s degree (first class honours, sorry that will never get old) in computer science from JKUAT, I wrote an A to Z guide for campus students that I think is still relevant today. … Continue reading

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Looking for a Husband: On Single Parenthood in Japan

Alright guys, buckle up. I am going to tell you my single parenthood experience in Japan. I prefer the term “single parent” to “single mother”; semantics, I know, but married or not, a mother is a mother. The parenting bit … Continue reading

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Living in a Bubble in Japan

If you live in Japan but have never learned to speak or read Japanese, you are definitely living in a bubble because you are limited in your interaction with the world around you. If you live in a university campus, … Continue reading

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A Week in Las Vegas, July 14th to 22nd

This was my first trip to Las Vegas, (first time in the U.S. as well) and I had the best time ever. I had no expectations going into the trip and I have discovered that in life, the best way … Continue reading

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Summer in JAIST

I love early summer. So many sunny days. The chill in the air is gone. Everything is green and beautiful. The summer rains haven’t started. The unbearable heat and humidity that plagues us mid-summer is still a month away. I … Continue reading

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Sending Money from Japan to Kenya

When I first came to Japan, I left Jeremy in the care of my parents for about  a year. Naturally, I needed to send money for his upkeep from time to time. I also needed to deposit money into my … Continue reading

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2017 in Review

  2017 began with me planning to retire from blogging (No kidding!). But I’m still here, I don’t know what happened. Can’t stop writing even when I can’t seem to find the time. When I wrote the last post that … Continue reading

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Dec 2nd – 10th: Sunny Days in New Zealand

Day 1- Saturday 2nd Dec: Flights – are all Men Created Equal?  I am not sure how many hours it took from Komatsu, Japan to Christchurch, New Zealand, because of all the transit. We  (Jeremy and I) flew from Komatsu … Continue reading

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Could This be my Last Winter in Japan?

Hello? It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years, is anyone still reading this blog? Can you believe I am already 2 months into my 4th year in Japan? Yes, I came here after my 26th birthday, I … Continue reading

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5 Days in Malaysia

The choice to go to Malaysia in early October was influenced by many factors, one of them being that Kenyans don’t need visas to visit the country (we all know how hard it is for Africans to appease the visa … Continue reading

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