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What To Drink? For The Upcoming Kenyan Lady

So you’re a young lady just out of college. You’re probably still looking for a dream job, but meanwhile the peanuts are trickling in. You can afford to buy yourself drinks whenever you go out. Now the question is, what … Continue reading

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From Rwanda to Kenya: The Journey Back Home

I certainly had a grand exit from Rwanda (meeting the president and all), one I fear I may not be able to match elsewhere. I was on a six-week internship in Rwanda which extended to eight weeks, but I do … Continue reading

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Parties, Funny Pets and Long Weekends

Last week, there were two public holidays in Rwanda. One was Heroes’ Day which was on a Tuesday (1st Feb) and the other was an elections day for local leaders, which was on Friday (4th Feb) so in the end, … Continue reading

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I didn’t want to tweet this coz a blog is more permanent, you know? Anyway, maybe you’ve read them before but they always make me smile. Cigarette: A pinch of tobacco rolled in paper with fire at one end & … Continue reading

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Weekends in Rwanda

My friend called me the other day and was very sympathetic, thinking how bored I must be at night and during the weekends. If you recall, I’ve been in Rwanda for about 3 weeks, and I didn’t know anyone when … Continue reading

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Which Tree Did You Fall From?

Sounds like an email forward, right? Well, it is. Kinda cool though, I mean it was right about 80% of my character. I was born on April 23rd, if you must know. Jan 01 to Jan 11 – Fir Tree … Continue reading

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