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Why I May Never Fly Ethiopian Airlines Again

(In these days of TikTok and Instagram reels and transient tweets, are there people who still read blogs? The original social media? Remember forums and chat groups? Ah, the golden days of the internet.) I spent the latter half of … Continue reading

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Getting a Japanese Passport for Your Child (Foreign Unmarried Mother)

Did you know that it’s very easy for your child to become stateless? It used to be that if a non-Japanese woman gave birth in Japan, if they were not married to a Japanese person at the time, their child … Continue reading

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How Did You Manage? Crossing Continents With a 2-Month-Old.

(This post should have been up two months ago. I’ve been trying to make sure this draft sees the light of day and here we are, finally.) “Madam, how are you going to manage?” Inquired the Indian lady at the … Continue reading

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Solo Ski Trip… with Friends

First of all, I have received so much feedback from the series of posts I wrote about my son, Jeremy, being bullied out of Japan. (For those not in the know, read part one, two and three.) I will be … Continue reading

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Vi in Japan: Kimono and Night Views of Tokyo Skyline

This is the 5th post in my 21-blogs-before-2019-ends-challenge! As previously mentioned in this post, my best friend Vi visited me in Japan this past November. I, of course, took some time off to show her around. I prepared an itinerary … Continue reading

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I went to Cebu during the Golden Week and Here is What I Learned

Recently, we had like 6 days of continuous public holidays from April 27th to May 6th (aka Golden Week), and including the weekends, we had 10 days off work and school. A few people complained about the holidays being too … Continue reading

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France and Italy, 17th -23rd March, 2017

(As usual, I don’t have the time to edit my posts so I apologize in advance for any errors, grammatical or otherwise.) I finally got a chance to go Europe, or to one country in particular, France. Just like the … Continue reading

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From Tokyo to Toronto.. and Back.

First of all, that title is misleading as it implies that I live in Tokyo. I actually live in Nomi City, a small town of 47,000 residents. Which is very far from Tokyo. The Canadians I met in Toronto were … Continue reading

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A Successful Guide to Visa Application to Rich Countries for the Hopeful African

For the last two months, I have been locked in an intense battle of wills with the Canadian Visa Processing Center officials (click link to see summary on Facebook). Previously, I have only traveled to Uganda and Rwanda, countries that … Continue reading

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