Star Times, The New Kid On The Digital TV Block

I don’t know if you’ve seen them on billboards around yet, but Star Times is now available in Kenya. It’s pay TV, just like DSTv, where you buy a digital decoder, and pay monthly for your subscription.

Start times website screenshot

Their decoder costs about Kshs. 3,000 and can give you access to over 60 channels. Their packages are affordable, at 500 Kshs a month for the Basic package which gives you some news channels and some kids ones. They also have other packages: Classic at Kshs. 1,000, Unique at Kshs. 2,000 and Indian at Kshs. 1,000.

Star Times will be competing with DSTv and Zuku TV. Their competitive advantage is pricing, in my opinion. I don’t know how many Kenyans will take it up but if you are interested, check out their website for the channels on offer. Zuku TV is doing quite well, especially their internet, they do house connections.

In my opinion, DSTv will remain at an advantage because of Supersport and the rights for the English Premier League. Start Times has some sports channels, but the EPL is the most entertaining for many people (not me, the Kenya Premier League does it for me!). Supersport is DSTv’s strength. Everything else, you can download and watch later!

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6 Responses to Star Times, The New Kid On The Digital TV Block

  1. Mwass79 says:

    may i know the channels listed


  2. Mukundistev says:

    am selling my zuku dish and decoder still new and functioning call me on 0700874771


  3. Vic87 says:

    Are they giving people an option to just buy the decoder and get digital tv services…….i mean what of the people who don’t or can’t pay for packages?


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