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The Kaga Tour

Japan is very welcoming to foreign students. Well, I have never been a foreign student elsewhere, but I am sure in Kenya, we don’t give free passes to our National Parks and Heritage Sites to the foreign students there (or … Continue reading

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Posting an Ad That Stands Out

It takes a leap of faith to buy something online from a buyer you do not know. On OLX, there is no system yet to rate the sellers or for people to post public feedback about a seller (seller profile … Continue reading

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My Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience

At the international house where I stay, they often organize various activities such as Japanese dancing , flower arrangement,  Kanji calligraphy and Tea Ceremonies. They are always on Friday evenings and it is the day we eat out with friends, … Continue reading

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It’s been almost two weeks since I blogged and I have no excuse! Not that there is nothing to write about, on the contrary there have been some awesome recent experiences but these days I filter what  I tell the … Continue reading

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Japan’s Traditional Villages: Shirakawago and Takayama

Last week, we had a class trip to see the UNESCO Heritage Site of Shirakawago Villages. On the way there, we stopped at Takayama (I hope I remember this correctly) for a taste of what was ahead. Takayama is a … Continue reading

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I Cooked!

I landed in Japan on 1st of October and on 1st of November I was having a late lunch with my new friends at the nearby AEON foodcourt when we realized a month had passed already! In that one month, … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: Hong Kong, The Devil and Miss Pryn, & The Man Who Would Be King

Hong Kong by Stephen Coonts It has been a long time since I read an action novel. I think it was before Jack Bauer in 24, and the last action novel I read was Robert Ludlum. I read the Bourne … Continue reading

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Hands on with TumaPesa –The MPESA companion

Guest post by  James Wahome. Once in a while, I might get a request to write about an app, a website,  a phone review.. so I will use the service/app/website/phone etc and write my experience. But in this case, I wasn’t … Continue reading

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