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AFC Leopards Branded Jackets

If you watch news or read the Daily Nation newspaper, or are a football fan, or you are on social networks like facebook and twitter, then you have heard of the launch of the ‘Toklezea na Jalee‘(!!!) promotion where Daily … Continue reading

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Youth Issues? It’s an Endless List!

First of all, we need to stop calling 50 year olds and older middle-aged men “youth”. Yes they have their issues too but majority of the Kenyan population are youth, now this age group is wide and as wikipedia says, … Continue reading

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WordCamp Kenya 2012 is Here!

WordCamp is an informal gathering of WordPress enthusiasts, bloggers, podcasters, developers and designers. The event will bring all these people together, under one roof, for 2 days. November 10th and 11th at Maanzoni Lodge, Mombasa Road. As Kenya gets close … Continue reading

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I have been having very busy days of late. I work Monday to Friday (and the occasional Saturdays), from 8am to 5pm. Then I used to attend classes from 5:30-8:30pm and hence have no life, but horaay! I’m done with … Continue reading

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The Shoe Story, and Kiwi’s Role In It

Hebu jitokeze, jionyeshe, simama, mbele ya watu. Kiwi hung”arisha, huboresha, hudumisha… *something something* Naenda kupata mng’aro wa kipekee… Do you remember that Kiwi ad years ago that used to start like that? It takes me back to my primary school … Continue reading

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Divas4Tech :: Young Women Empowering Girls From Marginalized Areas

Reblogged from TechArtPoetry Women empowerment has been a term that sometimes has been used loosely in many circles but a group of ladies are trying to do exactly what that statement really insinuates. Divas4Tech is a group of ladies who … Continue reading

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Quick Hits: Here and There

First of all, I want to apologize for not having blogged for the past two weeks. These two weeks have just been a blur, had to do exams, settle down at a new job (get your deals at and … Continue reading

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