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How I Almost Got a Job

Last week, I received this SMS: Hi, am x I work with an international NGO, u were recommended in our company by ur friend xx of xx company (phone number). Am urgently looking for 10 ambitious, hardworking and aggressive pple … Continue reading

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17 Tips To Boost Your Productivity!

I received this in an email forward and thought it’s worth sharing. No wonder my productivity is so low! Though I am not really into all this guru stuff, this rings very true. It’s by a guy called Robin Sharma. … Continue reading

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Sometime ago, Kenyan bloggers decided to come together and form what is now called the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE). This is good news for bloggers who want to do something useful with their blogs (read make money). Individually, it’s … Continue reading

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Technology and I

Warning: this post might be long Many have asked why the name Savvy Kenya? Well, a few years back I wanted to be computer savvy. When I was in high school I studied computer studies dropping French in the process. … Continue reading

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A Student Again, but Campus Girl?

So I am a student again. I started a Master of Science degree in Telecommunication and Innovation Development. I’m sure you’ve never heard of it before, lie to me and say you have! It’s a new course started at Strathmore … Continue reading

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The Kenya National Archives

Click on the pictures to open the full sizes. I took them with my IDEOS phone, and combine that with the lighting and lack of flash, you might want to excuse the quality of the pics 🙂 On Monday morning … Continue reading

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Keeping Away The Blues and the Finnish Lady

Like every normal person, I have my down days. Days when I don’t want to get out of bed, days when I don’t feel I can face the day. I question my very existence and wonder if there is anything … Continue reading

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Here and There: A Picture Story

Hint: click on the photos to open a bigger and clearer version. All these were taken through my trusted and much loved Ideos phone. I get around in Nairobi much, mostly running errands on behalf of parents, brothers, cousins etc. … Continue reading

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Found this poem in my cousin’s computer and thought I’d share it. Author unknown, unless he/she comes forward to claim it. I have been told the author is a 15 year old whose name I didn’t get. It was first … Continue reading

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