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Blood Sisters

No stop, it’s not what you are thinking. When I googled images for this post title, all I got was some vampire show. What I was after is the cover image to Stephanie and Barbara Keating’s book: Blood Sisters. The … Continue reading

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Online Shopping: Success Stories

As much as I blogged about being careful when doing online shopping, it’s a convenience I cannot do without. I don’t have time to physically browse through shops for electronics, clothes or books. I’d rather shop online at my desk, take … Continue reading

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And thus begins my 26th year! I have learned a few things: Family is most important. Work satisfaction and pride in your work are important too. Fashion is not important. I thought by the time I was 26, I would … Continue reading

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Equity Has Entered the Telecommunications Market, to be Hosted by Airtel

For a long time, things have been stagnant in the Kenyan telecommunications market. Safaricom is the dominant player in the market, the network we love to hate, the network we leave but come back for. I think mostly because of … Continue reading

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The Things My Son Loves

Before I had my baby, I hadn’t had a chance to closely observe and interact with babies.. and the things they do. It’s such fun watching the little one. There are many things he loves doing that you will observe … Continue reading

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Be Careful When Shopping Online

The other day I was on facebook and saw a lady talk about how she was almost conned trying to sell her tablet on OLX. For those not in the know, it’s a classified site where users can buy or … Continue reading

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Introducing…. The Flying Car!

Considering the bad state of our roads, I think the Nairobi governor Evans Kidero can be more futuristic (and having a twitter handle is not ‘modern’, twitter was started 7 years ago!). Instead of investing money in roads whose maintenance … Continue reading

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Embarrassing Moments are Made of These

When you are driving, what is the most embarrassing thing that can happen to you? Right, your vehicle stalling in traffic. And maybe it’s at night, on a road filled with traffic like Uhuru Highway. To make matters worse, it’s … Continue reading

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The Wayback Machine to The Rescue

Regular readers will know I almost lost my blog. Rather, the contents of the blog. It’s ironical because I am in the business of telling people and organizations to backup, and here I was caught pants down.  I had only … Continue reading

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What’s a Year in a Mother’s Life?

Somehow I have been unable to regale my readers with my tales of motherhood. Motherhood is not just something you can easily put into words, it’s not a just a feeling or a journey or an experience; it’s all that … Continue reading

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