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Voting Opens for the The Kenyan Blog Awards 2013

So the Bloggers Association of Kenya has been busy organizing the 2013 Kenyan bloggers awards. The awards have definitely grown from last year, with sponsorship from Samsung, Nokia and Phillips. These are technology companies who are always keen to identify … Continue reading

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Quick Update

Dear readers, Sorry I have not been posting more often. Between school, work (wrapping up on both before I take leave) and an impending baby (any time now), there’s hardly any time left to blog. Wish me well as we … Continue reading

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Peace at the cost of Democracy?

After the outcome of these elections, this blogpost I’m about to paste below- with all due credit to the author- summarizes my feelings of the moment. I’m left with an after taste of having expected so much, but got so … Continue reading

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#PEACE. Vote Wisely.

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