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How to Select the Best Printer for Your Needs

Ever wanted to buy a printer but did not know how to go about it? What to look for? Well, the guest post below will explain it all. The post is by Kevin Onyango who runs an online ICT shop, … Continue reading

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What To Watch?

This is a personal review of the series I have watched over the past few weeks. Obviously, this has left me little time for reading but I shall review the few books I have also read recently. Dexter I just … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S4: First Impressions

To be honest, I haven’t really had time to get down and dirty with the phone, so I can’t give an in-depth review for the geeks and enthusiasts. However, here’s my quick impression of the phone so far: Design It’s … Continue reading

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Safaricom Apps Development Challenge

Safaricom Limited has launched the Safaricom Appwiz Challenge, targeting new mobile application developers in Kenya. The aim is to equip the participants with entrepreneurial and technological skills, as part of the ongoing commitment by the organization to help nurture a … Continue reading

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Wow, the years slip by so fast. One moment you’re class 3 reciting a poem at the school assembly, the next you’re 25 years old and a mother. When did I transition into this mid 20’s woman? Luckily, I have … Continue reading

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Bloggers of Kenya Awards, 2013

The bloggers of Kenya (BAKE) awards where held this past Saturday May 4th at the Southern Sun Mayfair. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it, my son is only one month old! However, another blogger @pitzevans was there and this is his … Continue reading

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The Galaxy S4 is Here – What To Look Forward To

As a blogger and a techie, I’m attracted to (the latest, fastest) gadgets and I’m looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S4, full of dazzling features that I may not even make use of but feels good to know they … Continue reading

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