AFC Leopards, Champions For Life

AFC Leopards Vs Tusker FC: Heartbreak in Mombasa

Last weekend (the one before the most recent one), I was on the road to Mombasa, imagining how AFC Leopards was going to extend the unbeaten run to 24 matches after beating Tusker FC at Mbaraki Stadium. I rallied my friends in Nairobi to travel with me, and called up my friend Veeh in Mombasa for her first stadium experience!

Needless to say, Tusker beat us 2-0, ending our unbeaten match run. However, we still remained on top of the league, and we’re the team to watch for the Kenya Premier League title in 2012.

AFC Leopards Coast Branch fans match through the streets to the venue of the match on that fateful Saturday!

My advice? Do not emotionally over-invest in a team. It can break your heart. Possibly your phone in the process.

The remains of Calypso, my former galaxy S II. Taken by Baby-C, my new phone, a Nokia C1 which I shall review later! RIP!

The loss humbled us Ingwe Fans, possibly bringing some sanity into our heady and lofty expectations!

Karuturi Sports vs AFC Leopards: Moving On.. to a Draw in Naivasha

Yesterday, Sunday 29th April, we Leopards took the fight to Naivasha. We played Karuturi Sports at their grounds in Naivasha. In spite of an early lead that they had, we equalized in the second half via a header from Erique Masika (the defender we got from Gor Mahia for a KPL record of Kshs. 450,000)

Eric Masika is the one with the blue hamstring guard(?). He plays defence, number 40 is his jersey and he spots a blonde mohawk! This picture was taken during Thika Utd's match when we defeated them 2-1!

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the Naivasha match, meaning out of the 12 games we have played this season, I have attended 10 and missed 2. Which is sad because I wanted a perfect attendance record.

The Nokia C1

If I had money right now, I would head to the nearest Samsung shop and get myself another S II. It was a fantastic phone. Even now, if you press the power button hard enough, you can feel the response, and the menu&back buttons light up. I may take it to the Samsung shops to see if the can revive it but I’m not having high hopes.

In the meanwhile, I have replaced Calypso with Baby-C, a Nokia C1-01, whose review will be coming soon!

The Nokia C1-01, my new swag. Nicknamed Baby-C. Image from

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Survey: Help a Sister Out

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6 Responses to AFC Leopards, Champions For Life

  1. Kyalotim says:

    Gal you’re really having a blast..jinice.


  2. IAmMwenda says:

    You right amazingly well! I should b passing by ur blog more often. Really enjoyed this piece.


  3. IAmMwenda... AGAIN says:

    PS: Strange how Masika’s purported fee goes up by 50k everytime i hear it from an ingwe fan. *SN sorry about Calypso.


  4. Hey S.K.– Congratulations on the success of your team! I wouldn’t complain about the heartache of losing an occasional game — in my home town (Minneapolis MN USA) most of our teams seem to be competing for the bottoms of their league standings!!
    I hope all’s well with you!


    • savvykenya says:

      Hi Jeffrey.. All is well, thanks! You are right, I shouldn’t complain but should celebrate the current success of my team. Hurdles are always there and it’s how we react to them that matters.


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