Strathmore University

I used to think I hate SU. Now I’ve realized I love it. Oh, I still hate the dress code and other ‘behavioural’ rules but I’ve learned to separate the sin from the sinner, if you’re familiar with that expression.

I have been a student here for the past three months, and currently I’m on a two week break. And in these two weeks, I’ve missed SU!

What I miss is the environment. Strathmore University is the best IT school in Kenya, hands down. Their computers are good, the internet is up most of the time, their online learning system actually works, their staff is helpful.. I could go on and on.

I generally don’t interact with students outside my class; in any case we’re usually busy. We’re the first students under iLabAfrica, a research center that was opened just last month. We’re about 30 students taking the daytime classes, being sponsored by the Safaricom Academy. We’re doing the Masters in Telecommunication Innovation and Development, which is supposed to make entrepreneurs out of us. We should come up with technology solutions that will take advantage of the current growth in the telecom sector, solutions that will solve the myriad of problems facing society as well as make us successful business people (read USD millionaires 🙂 )

The Student's Center, where iLab Africa resides. My home for the next two months. Image from

For these two weeks I’ve been on holiday, I’ve hardly touched my computer in a coding way. If I’m on my laptop, I’m surfing the net or watching movies. It’s not that I don’t have projects I should be working on; I do. So I’m guessing it’s the environment. I think I’m one of those people who work best under pressure(sic).

Anyway, for any developer out there, here’s your chance to get your name heard:

Tandaa Digital Content Grant

The Tandaa Local Digital Content Grant is a grant to support ICT in Kenya. It is like seed funding for companies entering new media and ICT. In particular, the grant seeks to support products and services developed for the Internet and mobile phone.

Deadline: 22nd August, 2011

Orange African Social Venture Prize

The project aims at promoting social innovation for development, thanks to information and communication technologies, through financial and management support to new businesses.

Deadline:September 15th, 2011

Nokia Create For Millions App Competition

Submit your best Series 40 Java or web apps in Nokia’s ‘Create for Millions’ contest to win your share of cash and prizes, worth 1 million euros.

Deadline:Locally, September 1st, 2011

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9 Responses to Strathmore University

  1. $millionaire status you shall achieve. Do u have a vision board?


  2. pitzevans says:

    hehe i could never miss any educational set up.


  3. Shiroh Girl says:

    My friends who have attended Strathmore University love it! Good for you. Let’s see the next ITentrepreneur.


  4. shuhi says:

    Strath is an amazing university. Enjoy 🙂


  5. Kasozitizomu says:

    just read your strath article…and its true its the best i.T university around…goodluck fellow entrepreneuer


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