G-Features and S-Features on The Galaxy S4

The G Features I am referring to are Google features that come with the Android version 4.2.2 (Jellybean) on the Samsung Galaxy S4.


It can carry out many tasks quite well when you speak clearly. Setting the alarm, saving a memo, calling someone, texting someone, searching for something on the internet, etc. S Voice can be accessed by double-clicking the home button on the S4.

The Google Search from S-Voice is pretty comprehensive and brings the results into S-Voice (when it has understood them) so you don’t have to leave the app to go to a browser. It’s pretty awesome.


The really fun part of S-Voice is in having mundane conversations with it.

Me: “Wake up.”

S-Voice: “I’m up, I’m up!”

Me: “Do you love me?”

S-Voice: “I need my space.” (Cue to be less clingy)

It reminds of of ELIZA.

S-Voice and I in action :D

S-Voice and I in action πŸ˜€

Google Now

This is the next thing beyond a personal assistant who you ask to do things for you and find information for you (S-Voice). With Google Now, find the answers you need even before you ask the questions. It constantly gathers information about you, your preferences, locations, traffic situation between home and work (oh it will figure out where home and work are, you don’t have to tell it), flight schedules etc. You can decide what information you want/don’t need by moving the information cards around.

Google Now

Google Now

There are many other g-apps that come pre-installed in phone including g+, google earth (just freaking fantastic way to view the world but tilting and turning it about, plus the vivid screen display of the S4), google talk etc. Most are available in all other Android version but their experience is enhanced specifically for this version of Android.

S- Features

S Features are unique to the Samsung S4 (and some other Galaxy Series) and you will not find them in any other Android devices.


For the health-conscious folks (those who watch their calories, I’m speaking to you πŸ™‚ ), S-Health makes a great app. It helps you track your calories intake and those burnt in the course of your exercise. At the moment, it seems I need to make 10,000 steps in order to use up 1,000 calories (I think.) Anyway if you are an exercise freak, this right here is your perfect app.

My S-Health Feature

My S-Health Feature

Story Album

It creates a digital scrapbook from the pictures in your album. You can add descriptions of places and events in the photos, and later you can print it. I’m definitely going to do some kind of album for my now-infant son. The Story Album app also suggests to you albums that it can auto-create so you don’t have to add photos one by one, but you can edit this album to suit your creative self.

This was a suggested album :)

This was a suggested album πŸ™‚


S-Memo is handy for creating memos and to-do lists, something I rely on. I’m a list kind of person. Sorry no screenshot, there’s already a very flimsy curtain between my private and public life, don’t want to do away with it (the curtain) altogether.

However, it doesn’t work as well as it does with the Note II because the Note has the pen for precise screen scribbling. Sure, you can get a pen(stylus) for the S4 but it would be awkward as there is no place to carry it.

The S-Memo on S4

The S-Memo on S4

There is also S-Translator for language immediate translation, Optical Reader for QR codes, words etc Samsung Apps (this is where you will find awesome games that you can’t get in the Google Play store), Samsung Hub (for music, videos, books) and Samsung Link (to link your digital TV, laptop, tablet for media sharing).

Read a more detailed review of Samsung Galaxy S4 software here.

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